October Edition

Discussing Dyslexia
Dyslexia is a learning disability in which people have trouble reading because they can't recognize speech sounds or understand how they connect to letters and words. Dyslexia, often known as reading disability, it affects the parts of the brain that process language.
By Aiana Gonawela
World Animal Day
World Animal Day is celebrated across the globe on the 4th of October. It is a global initiative for animal rights aimed at raising the awareness about their importance in the ecosystem and the improvement of their welfare standards. It’s an opportunity to commemorate ...
By Akayla Gonawela

Gavel’s Intra-Gavel Tournament
The Gavel Club recently held their annual Intra-gavel tournament for the academic year 2021/2022 on the 17th and the 24th of October. Instead of their weekly meetings, the tournament was held on the respective Friday afternoons, with ...
By By Amaya Perera and Chiran Premaratne
Friendship Week
Friendship is one of the most wonderful and blissful things in the whole world. Friends are a force of love in school and otherwise. That is why, Stafford International School celebrated Friendship week 2021 on Wednesday, the 22nd of September.
By Dharishta Peiris

Black History Month and why it’s important.
Black Lives Matter has become one of the most prominent movements over the past year, it’s influence reaching global heights. In a modern world, even amongst a pandemic, racial injustice still continues to be a dilemma faced in multiple countries.
By Amaya Perera
Halloween’s History
The month of October means many things to us. For some, it’s a time of work, stress, and difficulty. For others, it’s a time of togetherness and family. However, I’m sure none of us remember October for any of these reasons. For all of us, October is the month of Halloween. A time of trick or treating, scary movies and expensive candies.
By Siyath Anandasiri

Discussing Designing
The Design Club of Stafford International School organized a workshop on the 5th of October which was run by the Academy of Design. It was an amazing experience as the participants discussed the difference between art and design.
By Jaden David
Join the ELA today!
We, Kashia Dias and Ramudhi de Silva (the Co-Presidents of ELA), were fascinated with reading, writing and literature for as long as we could remember. Yet, the more exposure we received to the literary world...
By Kashia Dias and Ramudhi de Silva

A Cup of Joe
Coffee, a drink you may say, but I say it’s something more than that! The way coffee has influenced our life has changed drastically over the years. It has such an impact on our lives, there is even a specific date dedicated to coffee, October 1st which is International Coffee Day.
By Dithni Perera
Memorable Memories from the Teachers’ Day Program 2021
Teachers’ day was celebrated throughout Sri Lanka on the 6th of October 2021, with countless happy smiles and appreciative gestures. In commemoration of this extremely special day, the Media Club of Stafford International School ...
By Ramudhi de Silva

Scoring Silver at Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
Ranudi Meemaduma, a student of Stafford International school just scored silver at the Queens commonwealth essay competition! Her essay on how the pandemic affected the people and their ways of life 30 years after it ceased was quite inspiring.
By Veroni Perera
Crowned Champion at Designer 21!
Kiara Peiris, a student from year 10C was crowned champion under the video editing category in Designer 21, an interschool competition held by S. Thomas' College. She made an amazing concept advertisement video for an ice cream shop which secured her win at the competition. The Design Club of SIS ...
By Chithru Gunawardena

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